Our Research

WE believe that successful equity trading is the function of an accurate assessment of market direction and timing, thus every market trend presents an opportunity to our investors.

Keeping a proactive approach towards identifying trends, WE offer well-rounded, high quality, unbiased independent research to you.

Our credentials in this area can be viewed by our comprehensive reports to our clients in the form of:

  • Morning Briefing
  • Market Round-Up
  • Detail Company Reports

WE provides you just the right information needed to make an investment decision.  Our objective is to disseminate relevant information in a reader friendly format so that we actually fulfill your needs instead of overwhelming you with information.

Our Trading Portal

WEonline.biz, A division of WE Financial Services Ltd., brings Karachi Stock Exchange to your doorstep through the state of the art systems acknowledged by Intel®.

Trading shares were never that easy and which now only requires a key press. Your decision to make the key press is facilitated by providing you with research and other information in an investor friendly format from a pile of data which overwhelms an investor otherwise.

Our portal provides you with the right information at the right time, so you can focus on finer things in life.

Call now at (021) 111-451-451 to find out more about our services from our Customer Services Representative or visit us at www.weonline.biz