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"To be or not to be" is a famous quote attributed to Shakespeare and a variant of this quote, "To Buy or not to Buy" or "To sell or not to Sell" are questions faced by every investor.

The number of variables to consider before an investor makes an investment decision makes the whole process not only time consuming but also nerve shattering, that too only when you have the requisite knowledge to answer such questions. What if you do not?

Whether you have the requisite resources or not, WE Investment Managers provide you with an economically viable alternative to tap qualified investment professionals. Our experts manage your funds as per your guidelines to ensure that your investment objectives are met.



WE Investment Management Ltd.(WEi), An Associated Company of WE Financial Services Ltd., was incorporated on December 07, 1994 as a private limited company and subsequently converted into public limited company in 2004 with the principal objective to act as an investment advisory company to mutual funds, and offer related financial services.

Total paid-up capital of WEi is PKR 50 million. WEi is licensed by the Commission to act as an Investment Advisor under Rule 5(2) of the NBFC Rules, vide License No. NBFC-42/IA-09/2005 dated October 04, 2005.



Dealing with a WE advisor gives you an informed-control over your investments and offers you 3 significant advantages:

  • You enjoy access to a complete range of investment vehicles
  • You obtain clear, unbiased information and explanations that facilitate your decision making
  • You benefit from the rich objective advice of an experienced investment professional.
Let us help you to achieve your financial goals.



Transaction Advisory is the largest service line under the Specialist Services Group. Under these service lines, WE provide services which cater to the various needs of clients ranging from business restructuring to Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), from private placements to disposal of assets. We specialize in providing these services specifically tailored to each client’s specific requirements

We provide Transaction Advisory services to both public as well as private sector organizations. The core areas of corporate finance services include Lead Advisory Services and Transaction support services. Activities covered in these areas are:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Buy Side Due Diligence Advisory
  • Loan / Asset Quality Reviews for Financial Institutions
  • Privatization
  • Capital/ Business Restructuring
  • Corporate Valuations
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Financial Restructuring/ Rescheduling on behalf of Financial Institutions



Our Lead Advisory services encompass advising on mergers and acquisitions, disposals, management buy-outs and raising of funds. We possess the relevant professional technical knowledge to provide advisory in various sectors. Our professional and hands-on approach coupled with in-depth industry expertise provides ways to complete transactions successfully. Our role as advisors for acquisition of a business entails the following steps:

  • Reviewing client's acquisition criteria
  • Identifying potential targets
  • Examining feasibility of the proposed acquisition
  • Assisting in development of a detailed business plan/financial model
  • Advise on negotiations with vendors and facilitate in structuring transactions
  • Facilitate in raising the required funding
  • Managing the process from inception to completion by coordinating activities of the parties involved
  • In case of a disposal we help our clients to generate the maximum value from the deal by:

Our Lead advisory team is also well equipped to help carry out management buyouts, understanding aims and objectives of the management team, preparation of business plans for them and introducing our clients to the appropriate venture capitalists and debt providers.

As far as our fund raising services are concerned we help entities raise funds and provide advice on current and optimum funding structures. Options for capital financing are analyzed and recommended. We also provide assistance with the development of a business plan and financial model, identifying and approaching potential sources of finance and providing assistance in the negotiation of terms with providers of finance.

Our experience in the service line includes a number of assignments on which advisory services were provided on mergers and acquisitions and privatization transactions.



We provide the necessary support, advice and expertise throughout the lifecycle of a transaction. Our teams catering to different service lines under corporate finance i.e. lead advisory, transaction services and valuations etc coordinate their efforts to deliver the optimum solution for a transaction. This enables us to provide sound commercial advice to realize full business potential.

Our transaction services team specializes in feasibility reviews and due diligence assignments, concerning both buy and sell side advisory.

Feasibility studies help provide an initial insight and overview of a business by assessing the market and financial viability of the project. Core contents of our comprehensive financial feasibility study include expected return on investment based on market driven demand/supply and economic trends, projected costs, and financial analysis in order to determine the financial viability of the project. We aim to highlight key issues of relevance to decision-making.

Our financial due diligence service provides an independent and expert assessment of a business by identifying, quantifying and making recommendations as to how to mitigate key financial risks. We support, validate and challenge financial statements assumptions and assertions by reviewing and assessing key financial and business information in a historical and forecast context.

By assessing the commercial viability of an entity, our due diligence assignments provide an insight into the current standing as well as the future prospects of the entity and, help highlight the risks of a transaction and therefore whether to proceed with it.

Therefore, whether it is buy-side or sell-side vendor due diligence, our advice serves as a document which is trusted in the marketplace and acts as a vital tool in business transition process.



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WEi launched its first fund namely WE Balanced Fund (WEBF), a close-end fund, in November 2006, with a paid up capital of Rs. 200 million. The Fund had distributed a cash dividend of Rs. 1.05, which was a 90.52% payout against its net earnings in its first year since inception.

Foreseeing the economic direction in 1Q08, the Fund’s investment advisor decided to protect the certificate holders’ capital as opposed to exposing them to high risk.

The equity portfolio of WE Balanced Fund was thus off-loaded at premium levels compared to market rates prevalent at that time. The sole intention was to lock the Net Asset Value of the Fund above par value of Rs. 10 per certificate.

Hence, the liquidation proceeds of WE Balanced Fund were distributed to the Certificate Holders of the Fund on the basis of the NAV of Rs. 10.16 per Certificate during October, 2008.

In retrospect, the move protected a severe capital erosion of more than fifty percent.



WE have always focused on effective risk management as is evident from a zero percent default ratio before, during and after the recent crisis. This will ensure sustenance of our clients’ trust and continuity of our operations towards the achievement of our goals.

Risk management is an integral part of our trading platform, and our acumen has evolved over time with our rich experience. Our trading platform will undertake all the necessary steps that are required for efficient risk management of both our clients as well as for WE

"There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction."



WE Investment Management Ltd., An Associated Company of WE Financial Services Ltd. is a holder of the Investment Advisory License 1992, granted exclusively to a few investment advisory companies by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

WE Balanced Fund (WEBF) was the first Closed-End fund by WEi which was successfully closed prior to the crash of 2008, preventing capital erosion of more than sixty percent. The fund size was PKR 200 million and had an investment objective to generate long term capital appreciation as well as current income by creating a balanced portfolio that was invested both in high quality equity securities, long term securities, high quality TFCs, Money Market Instruments and ready future hedges.

Financial Reports of WEBF

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